Cyber Threat Signal 2021

Original Issue Date:-December 08, 2020

Cyber threat signal 2021 publication is a joint collaborative work of CERT-In along with AusCERT (Australia CERT), KrCERT/CC (South Korea CERT) and Sri Lanka CERT|CC (Sri Lanka CERT) regarding the most pertinent cyber threats that could be witnessed in the year 2021.

Figure:1 Cyber Threat Signal 2021 - Infographic

The infographic and detailed report including protection mechanisms covering the following:

Global Common Cyber Threat Outlook

  • Targeted ransomware attacks becoming more common and more damaging.

National Cyber Threat Outlook

  • Transformation of Malspam to Masspearing (Australia, AusCERT)
  • Cyber-Attacks due to COVID-19 Pandemic Induced Work Culture (India, CERT-In)
  • Surge of second attacks using dark web data leaks (Republic of Korea, KrCERT/CC)
  • Increasing sophisticated BEC(Business email compromises) (Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka CERT|CC)

Cyber Threat Signal 2021 full report and infographic are available at: